#Privacy and App Quality

Privacy is a fundamental piece of good app quality. This documents is describing our approach with respect to our own apps that we distribute under the nxtbgthng name. Client works have their own privacy policies.

This document is a work in progress, and will evolve as our apps evolve.

No tracking

Apple provides some simple and anonymized statistics for App developers, and app usage information can be deactivated by the user. We think that’s enough data. Our apps do not have any additional tracking, your actions or your data are yours and not needlessly sent anywhere. If we send any personally identifiable data to our servers, we will be clear about it in tha app and make sure we have the users permission to do so.

Where it makes sense, we use Apples iCloud infrastructure. This way data can be synced between your devices using your own account that we don’t have any access to. Here’s how that data is secured.

If you’re using a beta version of our apps, your usage might not be anonymous, and some parts of this privacy policy might not apply. This is by design – we need to be able to get to the bottom of bugs as they occur. However, data collection is minimized as much as possible (at the moment of this writing, we do none at all…), and you can always contact us if you have any forther questions or issues.

No invasive third party frameworks

Our apps do not use invasive third party frameworks that are known to collect the user data beyond the clearly communicated use-case. We will not use any third-party-frameworks that leave any doubt about what they are really doing.

Additionally we minimize third party dependencies by not using cross-platform toolkits and using built-in functionality wherever possible. We avoid large frameworks that we use only a fraction of – this minimizes code we don’t know.

Transparent communication

When we’re collecting personally identifiable data, we’ll show it to the user. For example, our apps collect feedback via mail, so the user sees what he sends. If diagnostic information is being sent, it is a clearly visible attachment to that mail, that the user can inspect and decide not to send.

We’ll extend this approach in upcoming versions of our apps.

Sustainable business model

Here’s the hard part: Our Apps cost money. Each business model is different, but one thing is true for all: Building apps means working with constant change – an app is never “done”.

We think the fairest approach to provide good apps is to charge with a subscription model. Our users expect long-term dependable apps from us, and we can only make them if our business model supports that. This means that we won’t burn Venture Capital on long-term unsustainable apps, we won’t hung grpowth for growths sake while neglecting the income, we wont parttake in unsustainable discounts or sales.

Our customers are our users, their data is theirs. We try to minimize data usage and won’t make money from selling our user’s information.

Long story short: We charge for our apps, so you don’t pay with your data.