In development

We're currently building a (yet to be named) app that lets you control your Smart Home.

  • Based on HomeKit and optimized for 24/7 usage mounted on a wall.
  • Respects your privacy: No tracking, no invasive 3rd party frameworks.
  • Works on a broad range of devices: From the small iPhone 4S to the big iPad Pro, and from iOS 9 upwards.
  • An iPad on the wall can do more than home control. That's why this app subscription based: You support continued development of future extensions.

What we do

nxtbgthng specializes in three key areas:

  • High quality iOS apps for end users.
  • Those apps are very modular and flexible. With this and the underlying frameworks, we offer customizations and special apps for businesses (more about this soon).
  • iOS, Mac and Swift experience: We can help your project from idea to AppStore, from strategic advice, concept, architecture, to developer coaching and code review.

Track Record

In 2010, nxtbgthng GmbH was officially founded, but we did iOS development since the beginning and our roots are with the Mac.

We built the main apps for Soundcloud, Berliner Philharmoniker, Trivago, Arte, Red Bull, and worked with McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Dacuda (now Magic Leap), Impossible Project (now Polaroid Originals), EyeEm, Carhartt and many more.

Some of these projects are continued by evenly, who are an agency also offering Android.

„Seeing our products used in this way is incredibly inspiring to us“

— Tim Cook about the Digital Concert Hall (BBC interview)

Get in touch


Call or text: 0151/15775693

Meet: We're in Berlin and usually available for a spontaneous coffee ☕️. Just say hi!