We make iOS Apps. And much more.


The new nxtbgthng is smaller and more focused. We build great apps and prototypes for our clients, and we release our own apps. All of our projects share some common themes and are based around frameworks we can re-use, so we can do more with less. We build on the latest developments in iOS and Cocoa touch, so when there's something new we want to be there first. And with Swift soon being available beyond Apples platforms, we're looking forward to what else we can build with it.



We are not a mobile company that serves all platforms. Instead, we believe in specialization: We concentrate on Apples Platforms and do a project from start to finish: Idea and concept, user experience, implementation and release. And we have great, equally specialized partners for everything else: Android, Visual Design, Branding, Backend Servers, you name it. Because we think, as every project is different, you need the best people for all aspects of it.



Our own apps will be centered around some common themes: Apps that are running exclusively or long-time on a device, like in Museums, Shops, or on the wall in Offices. Apps for Data Visualization. Office or Home Automation. Internet of Things. Digital Signage.

If you're in any of these areas, contact us. We might just have the right thing for you. Because since we've already done a lot of work in these areas, we might have already done yours, too.



Some of the code we create, we release as open source projects and we are happy to contribute to others. Here's nxtbgthng on Github.


Forward Compatible

On the iOS platform we are fortunate that the vast majority of users can update their devices to the latest version. So using all the bells and whistles that come with new OS versions or devices actually makes sense. But leveraging one platform to its fullest, also means another thing: No Cross-Platform. We only work with native code and use frameworks that we feel will still around for some time to come.



We started way before the iPhone – with Objective-C and Cocoa on the Mac. Since then, we've made everything from prototypes for a single device to apps that have hundreds of millions of downloads. We're WWDC regulars since 2005, and always keep a close eye on what else is happening in the industry.



We completely switched to Apples new programming language in August 2014 and we love it. It's the future. And we couldn't be happier about the way it was open sourced and look forward to using it on servers, other platforms and embedded devices, like the Raspberry Pi as soon as it's available.

Here's a selection of clients we've built apps for:


Arte, Berliner Philharmoniker, Carhartt, Dacuda, Deutsche Telekom, Diageo, Fiat, Footbonaut, Kinderfee, MAN, McKinsey, Oxfam, Red Bull, Semperoper Dresden, Sleek Magazine, Soundcloud, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Trivago, Volkswagen


To better serve clients who are looking for a traditional full service mobile agency, we have made that part into a separate company: evenly. They're awesome, too, and will do iOS, Android and project management all under one roof.


We have made a complete rewrite of Screenfeeder: Screenfeeder 2 is available for the new Apple TV now! The version for all other iOS devices will follow soon. Screenfeeder 2 is part of a bigger project to use iOS and tvOS devices as general interactive information displays, so stay tuned!